We believe that merging the wine economy by the blockchain economy, could help decentralize wine funding while democratizing access to fine wine as an investment.

Democratizing access to fine wine investment

  • According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment index, fine wine is now the best performing collectible of the super-rich, with values skyrocketing up to 66% between 2012 and 2017.
    A handful of very rich have been driving the price of wine beyond reason, scoping fine wines at auctions for record amounts up to $22 million while snapping important and profitable wine domains around the world.


  • Wine futures, sometimes called "En Primeur" is a way for anyone to buy the most highly-demanded wines at a bargain price (usually 30%) 2-3 years before they are bottled and released on the market, making wine futures one of the most stable and profitable investments.


  • Using our platform and cryptocurrency the Louvois Franc (LVF) anyone with a computer and internet access will have the opportunity to invest in fine and wine, buy and sell shares in important wine collections and trade wine futures for as low as $0.001 hence allowing the crowd to outcompete the few.

Decentralizing wine funding

  • Using our WCO (Wine Coin Offering) model, promising wine entrepreneurs and established wine brands will be able to raise funds from a worldwide range of wine-lovers and investors to boost their companies and fund their wine projects by creating their own wine-backed cryptocurrencies.


  • As a project creator, you will be able to get funding by turning wine-futures into tradable cryptocurrencies,or even finance your business ambitions by crowdselling tradable smart-contract shares on your future sales.


  • Create value around your brand while generating powerful network effects : people around the world who liked and participated in your wine project will become your most loyal and involved ambassadors.
    Whenever you become successful, your cryptocurrency creates dividends for their holders and increases in value.





Trade wine-backed cryptocurrencies

  • DLVEX will give you access to limitless opportunities in the global decentralized wine market of tomorrow.


  • Just like any mainstream cryptocurrency exchange, you will be able to bet on the markets, identify and leverage new trends in the wine market.


  • Using our platform's cryptocurrency, the Louvois Franc (LVF) you will be able to trade tokenized shares in important wine collections as well as wine futures and wineries smart-contracts for as low as $0.001 with minimal fees of 0.25% per trade.


Participate in wine crowdsales

  • Until now, important wine collections were sold through exclusive auction houses for ridiculously expensive fees, only a handful of wealthy people were able to afford such investments : using our Wine Coin Offering (WCO) model, wine owners will be able to crowdsell pieces of their collection for a minimal fee of 5% allowing them to get the most money for their wine.


  • Wine investors around the world will be able to buy tokenized shares in important wine collections in the form of tradable cryptocurrencies, if someone wants to buy part of the collection, he will be able to submit a partial buyout bid that will have to be voted trough its token holders.


  • Using our platform's cryptocurrency the "Louvois Franc" (LVF), investors and wine lovers will be able to invest in wine futures and support wine projects around the world by buying tradable shares in wine smart-contracts before they become tradable on DLVEX and grow in value.


Create a Wine Coin for your brand or wine project

  • Established wineries and promising wine entrepreneurs will have the possibility to raise funds from a worldwide range of investors and wine-lovers to fund their ideas and boost their projects (e.g., financing acquisition of land, winery expansion, celebrity placement) without having to give up equity, by crowdselling smart contract shares on their wine futures in the form of a tradable cryptocurrency.


  • Winery owners and wine entrepreneurs will be able to define their WCO (Wine Coin Offering) goal, duration and reserve price as well as the volume of bottles they expect to sell on the Art & Luxury Marketplace and their expected delivery date.


  • Once the WCO project has been approved by local third-party wine experts, we will help wineries and wine entrepreneurs define the conditions of the smart-contract that will regulate the commission on sales to be redistributed to the holders of the wine futures smart-contract shares as well as eventual voting interactions when applicable.


Bringing liquidity to the wine market

  • Until now, wine was often considered an illiquid asset : finding a buyer for $5000 worth of blue-chip stocks waseasier than finding a wine collector or investor ready to buy a bottle Petrus 2009 for the same price.
    Using our platform, wine lovers and investors will be able to buy and sell tokenized shares representing fractions of a bottle starting as low as $0.001


  • Investors in wine and wine futures futures also faced two major problems : storage and liquidity.
    We will partner with skilled and experienced local retailers who will handle shipping and distribution for your purchased wine-futures once they become available for sale on allowing you to trade virtually unlimited quantities of wine without actually having to physically hold the bottles unless you want to.


  • Using our trading platform, wine lovers and investors will be able to buy and sell shares in wine futures before their actual release, prices will fluctuate based on simple supply and demand.


Keep track of your wine holdings

  • DLVEX wallet lets you keep track of your holdings price variations as well as your available and reserved balances and their estimated USD value.


  • Recieve instant notifications from your tokens whenever something big happens (e.g., one of your wine obtains a high rating from Robert Parker, early wine grape ripening due to climatic conditions).


  • If you participated to an wine collection, wine futures or wine smart-contract crowdsale (WCOs), your purchased tokens will appear as "Pending Deposits" until the end of the WCO period, after which they will be unlocked and available for trade on DLVEX.


Sell exceptional bottles

  • After their WCO period, prestigious bottles from important wine collections will be featured on


  • Wine lovers, professionals and individuals wishing to acquire part of the collection will be able to submit a full token buyout bid that will have to be voted and validated among its token holders.
    If the vote is passed, the tokens will be liquidated and each holder with recieve the appropriate amount of Louvois Franc (LVF) in return.


Profit from your favorite wine's success

  • Wineries and wine entrepreneurs who benefited from an WCO will be able to sell their bottles their on
    Whenever they make a sale, their token holders will automatically percieve a commission in the form of Louvois Franc (LVF) in their DLVEX wallet, as specified by the winery's smart-contract's conditions.


  • Wine investors who have bet on wine futures will have the possibility to sell their bottles on as soon as they are released from the winery.
    Shipping and handling will be ensured by experienced and skilled third-party professionals, sellers will have the possibility to peg their bottle's prices to the current exchange rate of the token.
    The more demanded a bottle is, the pricier it becomes.