Bringing liquidity to the luxury real estate market

  • Real estate is considered an illiquid investment. If you bought shares in a real estate project, you hold securities or assets that cannot be quickly and easily sold or exchanged for cash without a substantial loss in value.


  • Similarly, finding a buyer for a property can be an expensive and time-consuming process involving multiple intermediaries.
    We believe that our RCO (Realty Coin Offering) model will enable sellers to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries by easily and quickly finding not one, but hundreds of buyers by offering their property on crowdsale through DLVEX
    Homeowners who wish to get the best price for their properties will now have the possibility to crowdsell real-esate to a worldwide pool of investors contributing as low as $0.001.
    The property's digital certificate, will be broken into thousands of tradable cryptocurrency-like digital assets.


  • Using a powerful blockchain voting technology, co-owners will be able to exercise their voting rights to participate in the life of the property ( e.g, change of property management company, rental proposals) and will benefit equally from the value generated by the rent, or the sale of the property which will be featured on the Art and Luxury Marketplace .
    Prospective buyers will be able to submit a full token buyout bid that will also be submitted to the vote of its co-owners.

Democratizing luxury real estate investment

  • Luxury real estate development is one of the most stable and profitable investment one could make, but its barriers to entry are proportionately high.
    Using our RCO (Realty Coin Offering) method, Individual and professional developers who wish to purchase a property for the purpose of remodeling it and reselling it for a higher price will be able to crowdsell tokenized shares of a smart-contract on the future sale of the property from a worldwide pool of investors contributing as low as $0.001.
    This method will also be used to provide funding for custom-built real estate projects.


  • Thanks to our platform and cryptocurrency the Louvois Franc (LVF) anyone with a computer and internet access will have he opportunity to invest in world-class real estate development opportunities and assets for as low as $0.001




Trade real estate backed cryptocurrencies

  • DLVEX will give you access to limitless opportunities in the global decentralized luxury real estate market of tomorrow.


  • Just like any mainstream cryptocurrency exchange, you will be able to bet on the markets, identify and leverage new trends in the luxury real estate market.


  • Using our platform and cryptocurrency, the Louvois Franc (LVF) you will be able to hold and trade tokenized shares in luxury properties and promising real estate developments for as low as $0.001 with minimal fees of 0.25% per trade.


Participate in real estate crowdsales

  • Mallory wants to invest $1000 in real estate, she knows Parisian real estate is one of the surest imaginable stores of wealth long-term, but she has nowhere near the means to buy an entire property in Paris.

  • Luckily for her, a Trocadaro Apartment in the 8th district of Paris, currently used as a tourist rental is currently being sold to the public on DLVEX under the token name TR-APF8 : when Mallory participates $2.5 worth of Louvois Franc (LVF) in this apartment's RCO she recieves 1 share of the property certificate in the form of a tradable cryptocurrency-like digital asset.

  • Using our platform, real-estate investors will be able to participate in luxury real estate crowdsales (RCOs) and acquire fractions of a property before it becomes tradable on DLVEX and grows in value.

    Crowdsell your property

    • Instead of spending time and money trying to find the right buyer for your property, DLVEX will enable real estate owners to crowdsell their properties to a virtually limitless pool of investors.


    • Sellers will be able to define heir RCO goal, duration and reserve price. Once the property has been submitted through our system, local third-party property experts will assess and estimate the chances of success of the RCO.

    Raise funds for you real estate project

    • Individual and professional real estate developers will be able to raise funds from a worldwide range of fund their ideas and projects by crowdselling smart-contract shares on their future sales and profits in the form of a tradable cryptocurrency-like digital asset.


    • Developers will have the possibility to define their RCO goal, duration as well as their reserve price and how they expect to spend the amount raised.


    • Once the RCO project has been approved by our team and local network of property experts, we will help developers define the conditions of the smart-contract that will regulate the dividends as well as commission on sales to be redistributed to the holders of the smart-contract shares.


    Participate in the life of your properties

    • Once the RCO (crowdsale) period is over, the property is transformed into shares (tokens) and becomes tradable on DLVEX.


    • Using a powerful blockchain-voting technology, token-holders will be able to exercise their voting rights to participate in the life of the property under set terms and conditions as defined by the smart-contract before the RCO.


    • Token-holders will be able to propose votes (e.g., create new tokens to finance home improvement, insurance premiums, change of smart-contract conditions).
      Buyout offers and rental proposals for the property will also be submitted to the token holders.


    Keep track of your real estate holdings

    • DLVEX wallet will let you keep track of your holdings price variations as well as your available and reserved balances and their estimated USD value.


    • Recieve instant notifications from your tokens whenever something big happens (e.g., one of the city you own shares of a property in got elected to host the next Olympic games) .


    • If you participated in a real estate crowdsale (RCO), your purchased tokens will appear as "Pending Deposits" until the end of the RCO period, after which they will be unlocke and available for trade on DLVEX.


    Earn real estate dividends

  • After their RCO period, properties will be displayed on
    Rental profits generated by third-party services (e.g., Airbnb, Homeaway) will benefit equally to the property's token holders in the form of Louvois Franc (LVF) sent directly to their DLVEX wallet.

  • If individuals or investors wishes to acquire the property, they will be able to submit a full token buyout bid that will have to be validated among its token holders.
    If the vote is passed, the tokens will be liquidated and each holder will recieve the appropriate amount of Louvois Franc (LVF) in return.