If only a tenth of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization moved into fashion venture funding, it would disrupt the whole ecosystem beyond recognition.

Unchaining fashion venture funding

  • Fashion & Luxury companies are among the most profitable businesses you could invest in : although funding to startup fashion brands has increased dramatically from $22.5 million in 2010 to $235 million in 2015, they remain among the least well funded companies in the venture capital ecosystem as promising designers and brands turn themselves to traditional crowdfunding methods.


  • For the first time of its history, the total amount of money pledged by Kickstarter projects started to decline from $615 million in 2015 to $579 million in 2016 as its model seems to have reached its structural limits : talent has never been so available but money seems hard to find.


  • We believe the solution to this problem will come from the blockchain economy : using our platform and cryptocurrency the Louvois Franc (LVF) anyone on earth with a computer and internet access will have the opportunity to invest in the next Supreme Clothing through cryptocurrencies for as low as $0.001

Empowering the designers and brands of tomorrow

  • Using our FCO (Fashion Coin Offering) model, promising fashion brands and designers will be able to raise funds from a worldwide range of fashion-lovers and investors to boost their companies and fund their fashion projects by creating their own cryptocurrencies.


  • As a project creator, you will be able to get funding for your fashion ventures and ideas from a worldwide range of fashion-lovers and investors without having to give up shares or equity.


  • Create value around your brand while generating powerful network effects : people who liked and participated in your project will become the most loyal and involved ambassadors.
    Whenever you become successful, your cryptocurrency creates dividends for their holders and increases in value.





Trade fashion-backed cryptocurrencies

  • DLVEX will give you access to limitless opportunities in the global decentralized fashion market of tomorrow.


  • Just like any mainstream cryptocurrency exchange, you will be able to bet on the markets, identify and leverage new trends in the fashion and luxury industries.


  • Using our platform's cryptocurrency, the Louvois Franc (LVF) you will be able to trade tokenized shares in promising fashion collections and projects from the next big brands and designers for as low as $0.001 with minimal fees of 0.25% per trade.


Bet on the next big fashion brands and designers

  • Alice wants to invest $500 in a promising fashion designer, she loves to support projects on Kickstarter but thinks the reward are a little low and would like to try something new .


  • Luckily for her "Aizu Clothing" one of her favorite fashion brand is currently crowdselling smart-contract shares on the future profits of its 2019 high-fashion collection on DLVEX under the token name HF-ACTJ19 : when Alice participates $5 worth of Louvois Franc ( LVF) in Aizu Clothing's FCO (Fashion Coin Offering) she recieves 1 smart-contract share in the form of a tradable cryptocurrency.


  • Using our platform's cryptocurrency the "Louvois Franc" (LVF), investors and fashion-lovers around the world can participate in fashion coin offerings (FCOs) and acquire tokenized fractions of future profits made by promising fashion brands and designers before they become tradable on DLVEX and grow in value.


Create a Fashion Coin for your brand

  • Promising fashion brands and designers will have the possibility to raise funds from a worldwide range of investors and fashion-lovers to fund their ideas and boost their projects (e.g., celebrity placement, promotion and marketing, photo and video shoots) by crowselling smart-contract shares on their future fashion collections and ventures in the form of a tradable cryptocurrency.


  • Fashion brands and designers will be able to define their FCO goal, duration and reserve price as well as the volume of items they expect to sell on the Art & Luxury Marketplace and their expected delivery date.


  • Once the FCO project has been approved by our team and community, we will help fashion designers and brands define the conditions of the smart-contract that will regulate the commission on sales to be redistributed to the holders of the smart-contract shares as well as the voting interactions between them and the fashion brand or designer.


Participate in the life of your favorite fashion brand

  • Once the FCO (crowdsale) period is over, the fashion brand's smart-contract becomes tradable on DLVEX in the form of a cryptocurrency : anyone with an internet connection and a few Louvois Franc (LVF) will be able to buy and trade fractions of it and bet on the next big fashion brand .


  • Holders of the tokenized fashion brand's smart contract will be able to keep track of their token's earning and commissions on sales made by the brand on the Art and Luxury marketplace.


  • The creator of the smart contract will be able to propose votes to his token holders (e.g., create new tokens to finance social media communication, renew the smart-contract for the next collection).


Keep track of your fashion holdings

  • DLVEX wallet lets you keep track of your holdings price variations as well as your available and reserved balances and their estimated USD value.


  • Recieve instant notifications from your tokens whenever something big happens (e.g., one of your brands gets featured on national television / obtains positive feedbacks from popular fashion bloggers).


  • If you participated to an fashion smart-contract crowdsale (FCO), your purchased tokens will appear as "Pending Deposits" until the end of the FCO period, after which they will be unlocked and available for trade on DLVEX.


Profit from your favorite brand's success

  • Fashion designers and brands who benefited from a FCO will be able to sell their items on the Art & Luxury Marketplace.
    Whenever they make a sale, their token holders will automatically percieve a commission as specified by the fashion designer's / brand smart-contract


  • Commissions will benefit equally to each token holder in the form of Louvois Franc (LVF) sent directly to their DLVEX wallet.


  • Fashion brands and designers will have the possibility to peg their item's prices to the current exchange rate of their smart contract's shares, the more successful they get, the more valuable their items becomes